Friday, February 25, 2011

The Going is Slow!

It's like trying to put 10lbs of flour in a 2lb bag. I have too much stuff. This is just the start. I am sorting through ALL my stuff. Making piles here and there. I lose the will to clean.  I come back after a little while and start with gusto... Then I find something..."Wow, I forgot about this..." It's gonna take a while.
I filled the spaces in the closet door with chicken wire. I like the look. I still need to address the holes from the slats I removed.  I'm finding cool stuff I forgot I had. If I live to be... you know, a long time, I'll still have unfinished projects.
Had to throw in a pic of Mom and Dad, on my wedding day. This wire will be filled before too long with memories and such.
I've been sewing and crafting for over 40 years. It may take another 40 years to sort things out. ;-)

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Aunt Barb said...

Penny---looks really good. I really like the chicken wire. Nice touch.