Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Blizzard

"Now girls!" Ma said. "A storm outdoors is no reason for gloom in the house."

Laura Ingalls Wilder-The Long Winter

Bracing for the blizzard. So grateful for a warm home, abundant fuel and food. Praying for those who have to be out in the storm, and for everyone effected by the bad weather.

No gloom here, busy preparations for a meeting scheduled at my home later this week. The forecast for the end of the week is cold, but the snow should stop tomorrow. I'm hosting our Guild meeting. There are over 25 members who could attend. My biggest worry is the driveway, making sure it's clear and ice free for their arrival. I personally love snow and even shoveling. Not to say I don't feel it the next day, the ol gray mare and all. It's fun hosting all my Guild "Sisters", the sweetest bunch of ladies you'll ever find. I'll be cleaning and baking and fluffing, while the snow swirls outside. You'll find me in the driveway when the snow stops, helping my guys dig us out and those dear girls in! Stay safe and take care my friends.

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cityfarmer said...

of course we'll be warm and safe, cuz we're at home in the English Valley

love Ma's cozy quote

tikascm said...

I am home myself - NOW - work let out early. I pray that by Thursday, the weather will have played itself out, and the streets will be clear enough to travel from Elgin to Palatine to McHenry. Love you - (and your home is sooo warm and lovely - I love the pictures from your "tour").