Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eagle Watching at Starved Rock

We visited for the first time, Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois. At this time of year Bald Eagles roost on two islands. We saw at least 16 roosting and several flying during our visit. The Illinois River Valley in the Starved Rock area is quite different from the rest of the surrounding area. It was formed by glacier melt. The melt water cut through the sandstone and formed canyons and waterfalls and other beautiful formations that are a very different from the flat terrain we're used to here on the prairie. The beautiful surroundings and seeing my first Bald Eagle in flight was awesome. Sharing it with my husband and and our dear friends Sue and Ron, made it magical.
It was a dark and overcast day, but you could see the beauty of the park, and imagine it in Spring when the waterfalls and bright green buds appear.
Here is one of the canyons, photographed from a bridge near the lodge where we had a great lunch.
The views are fantastic. Check out the site here to learn more about the Park.

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

You know I've never been there and I live so close!? I hope to camp there this year. Just wanted to stop by, been thinking about you. Hope you are enjoying this nesty time of year.

suzan c said...

I live so close to Starved Rock. I knew where your picutres were from before reading. My brother works there and everyone in my family enjoys looking at the eagles up and down the river as we cross to go to LaSalle or Peru!!! Glad you enjoyed it

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

WOW...looks lovely..your lucky indeed! All the best,Chrissy

tikascm said...

You & Tyke find such out of the way things to do on your Sunday "dates". Love you See you Thursday??????