Friday, January 28, 2011

Things That Make A Home

I went through my photos and here's what I'd like to share...Things I haven't shown before. Things that make my house a home.

My afghans. I have many made by my Mom. They are not just for show, but used and cherished. Unless you use them and leave them balled up on the sofa or floor. That can get you banned from using them ;-) My brother Greg who loves a nap under one of Mom's afghans was banned for a while. It's like a hug, snuggling under those labors of love. The bottom one is a tablecloth I use under the Christmas tree. Our little bird touches it and says, "great grandma made this!" so sweet.
This is in our bedroom. The lamp I've had forever. The pitcher and bowl I made back in my second ceramic period. Oh yes, I've had a few ceramic periods. The babies are my dearest hubby and me. The rose covered picture frames were made by me back in the day. All on Buscia's table.
This is the wall of my family room. That's my Mom, she was a beauty, and in fact this photo was taken when she won a beauty contest.
The old family photo my dear cousin Di let me copy. Seeing my Mom as a little girl for the first time was so special.
The closet in my guest room. Sorry guests, no room for your stuff. I've yet to "DO" my closet in my new craft room. Books and boxes, jars and good stuff. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great weekend.

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Aunt Barb said...

Your mom look beautiful indeed. I'm certain you miss her alot.

Nice afghans.....I am amazed at how much time and the labor of love that goes into each one. They are too cherish.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Penny! I just love seeing your treasures ~ isn't it so wonderful to have these gifts from our loved ones??? I treasure the afghan that my grandmother made for me. Your mother looks like an actress!!! I hope you are doing so good sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

tikascm said...

I am thrilled to be someone from your life that has had the good fortune to see these items up close & personal. Love you