Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Interlude

I'm still putting gifts away from Christmas... this lovely Japanese Bowl from Doug...
So cool bakers twine from Kris, and a cute woolen bird from Lynnie...
This dish cloth from Kris has parakeets and pigeons... someday I'll tell you about the book I wrote for my kids, about a parakeet and pigeon... Cosmo and Gigi.
Kris found this graphic and knew I would LOVE it. Sunshine on My Shoulders, the defining song of my youth! Snicker if you must, but I can't imagine my youth without John Denver's music being the soundtrack to it all.

Snow has come back to the Valley, and I love how it looks and feels. I just shoveled the driveway and cleaned off our cars, but it will be snowing all day. It's fine with me, peaceful, silent and beautiful. Enjoy this beautiful day, where ever you are.

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tikascm said...

So beautiful to look at from inside!! Not so much to drive in. Took me 1 hour 20 minutes from here to church this morning and kept me from making an additional journey to Forest Park, but now that I am back home - it is loverlie to watch from the window. See you next week!!

Anne Marie said...

what great gifts from your family...I especially like that dishtowel!

Hope you are doing well!!!
Anne Marie

cityfarmer said...

snow in the fox valley-too!!
lots of it ...
I'm hunkered down today playing blogger and etsy.