Monday, January 24, 2011

Nervous Energy

I used my nervous energy for good yesterday, while watching our Bears lose to the Packers. I started crocheting these cute little hearts, from Little Birdie Secrets, and as you see, I was very nervous. I don't know what these little hearts will end up as, but they are quick and easy.

I recently met a wonderful blogger named Barb from Babs Just a Babblin'. We've been emailing back and forth, and I think we're kindred spirits. We are both of Polish heritage and both make our traditional foods and treats. She's crafty and talented and lovely. Barb has the BEST recipes on her blog. This is one of them. Oreo Cookie Balls. Made with oreo cookies, and philly cream cheese. The recipe called for bakers chocolate for the coating, but I had some vanilla melts, the kind you use for candy making, available at Michaels and Hob Lob in the Wilton section. SO good!

Thanks Barb for sharing your delicious recipes. It's been great getting to know you! And you, dear readers... What's up this week in your neck of the woods?

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Aunt Barb said...

Penny -
Yes the oreo cakeballs. Wonderful if I may say so. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. You're too kind. May be I'll pick up a follower or two, I'd be honored.