Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Do you save catalogs? I do. Especially from Pottery Barn. So many good ideas, free for the asking. I've been holding on to this Autumn issue because of this lamp. It's all chippy and vintage looking and tall. I need a tall lamp.

I went to the goodwill looking for some items for another project, and the lamps were in the same aisle. When I saw this lamp, in my head I saw that chippy vintage PB lamp. It was about $7.00, a savings of $93 dollars, from the lamp in the catalog. I have everything I need to paint and distress the lamp. A trip to Ikea with a tape measure will probably solve my lamp shade problem. A project for a cold and snowy winter day. (Can you see in the back by the fireplace, I still have my Cinderella pumpkin from the autumn. It is still solid and beautiful, bought at the NaDa Farm Sale. I can't seem to throw it away.)

"Nature gives to every time and season, some beauties of its own." --Charles Dickens

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cityfarmer said...

soon the pumpkin will be replaced with tulips, no?