Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fozzie in Chicago

The day after Christmas we went to see the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. We saw a similar exhibit there many years ago, and in comparison this one was a disappointment. No photos were allowed, not that there was much to photograph. The majority of the exhibit was Jim Henson's drawings and ideas on paper. It was interesting, but not for kids. Bert and Ernie were there and the beautiful Miss Piggy in her wedding gown from the Muppet's Take Manhattan, but nothing like seeing a full size Big Bird or other life size Muppet. My daughter still remembers being terrified of them back in the day. The last time we even saw the very first Kermit, made from Jim Henson's mother's green spring coat and ping pong balls!
It still was fun to walk around the mini Chicago. I used to work in the curved sided building. It was the First National Bank Building back then. Yates, Goff, Gustafson, Sheridan and Been was the law firm I worked for, on the 46th floor. Another lifetime ago...
How often do you get to see a tornado INSIDE?!
My favorite thing was the Christmas Around the World display of trees from different countries. Lithuania had my favorite tree. All the ornaments were made with white drinking straws. Something I need to look into before next Christmas.

I think that wraps up my Christmas posts. I hate to let go of the good feelings and happy moments of Christmas, but it's time to move on and celebrate the new year. I've got some ideas for a couple of new projects and hope to share them with you soon. Until then, enjoy this beautiful day.

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cityfarmer said...

it's been years since we visited there ... I'd guess it's time!!

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