Friday, January 14, 2011

Mid January Ramblings

Did you know that you can cut aluminum cans into shapes with a die cutter? You can also emboss them with a embossing folder. I wash the cans and carefully cut off the top and bottom of the can. The aluminum cuts well with the die, but wants to curl. That's when I tried embossing them and that worked great, they are nice and flat. I'll use them to embellish cards, and the small hearts I want to crochet into a garland. I bet they'd be pretty painted and distressed... Like old ceiling tiles...
I also tried to stamp letters on the hearts I cut, with mixed results. I need a harder surface to stamp on. I was going for Milagros and got kindergarten... Oh well, that's why we play.
I've been crocheting little edges on fleece blankets and a fleece scarf. The little hats are a pattern my Mom used to make. SO easy. Back to working on our service projects for the new year. I need to sew sachet hearts for the girls to finish next week.
I was visited by a snow angel, she makes floor angels too. I love how our little bird thinks and I love seeing this right outside my door.

Mid January ramblings, thinking out loud. Hope you don't mind ;-) Have a great weekend.

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Pamela said...

Those tin hearts are beautiful Penny!
I love hearts...I have them all over especially at Christmas time!
Pamela xo

Rebecca said...

Hi Penny
Winter gets long now... I have much to do though so I will welcome it. Your hearts turned out great, I didn't think there was anything you could do with pop cans... a great idea!
Have a wonderful weekend
Blessings to you

Aunt Barb said...

Do you share patterns? Would love the hat pattern from your mom. They are beyond precious.