Sunday, January 9, 2011


This morning in a act of nostalgia, I rolled up a pot of golabki. I had to look them up before I started this post, as I had no idea how to spell this delicious comfort food of my youth. Here's what I found...

(Polish, stuffed cabbage rolls)
Golabki (pronounced ga-WUMP-kee) means "little pigeons" in Polish and is a reference to their size and shape. These stuffed cabbage rolls simmered in a tomato sauce are popular throughout Eastern Europe. In Russia, where they are known as golubtsy. In Ukraine they are called holubtsi. Hungarians refer to them as töltött káposzta... Who knew, little pigeons!

It's one of those dishes that I saw being made so often, yet no recipe ever existed. It was all in my Buscia's head. I've been able to make a reasonable facsimile, to satisfy my need for a Sunday dinner Buscia and Mom would be proud to serve. Served with mashed potatoes and a veggie of choice, this meal is sure to please, stick to your ribs fare. (I DO NOT use a tomato based sauce, but a beefy onion soup, as Mom did back in the day)

I had some problems with my iphone and had to make an appointment with the cool guys at the apple store. If you haven't been, you gotta go. Just to play with a ipad, awesome! They fixed my phone in minutes, emailed me the paperwork and not a eye roll from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Plus, my service warranty saved me a $100 repair. So many times we hear of a bad experience, but I had to tell you that the service at the apple store was first rate.

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends...Wish you could smell the Golabki... Smells... like an apartment building on Milwaukee Avenue:-)



tikascm said...

Are you willing to share your receipe? I have not had golabki since my Bohemian mother-in-law made them WAY BACK WHEN??

cityfarmer said...

I was transported right to that brownstone on Milwaukee!

yum yum

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Oh man, I miss my Buscia now. she made the best. Do you make yours with tomato soup?