Monday, February 21, 2011

The Quest for Organization

Last year when I took over the lightest brightest bedroom to be my office/craft/sewing room, I used what I had. I never had a place to put most things. I just used some plastic storage containers on the floor in the closet. That got pretty messy, very fast. My husband took charge and built this Ikea piece for my closet. Those by-fold closet doors are the worst. Impossible to clean, (Wow, they look even worst in the photo) and just plain unattractive.

I took my hammer and got rid of the slats. Now the gaping holes need to be filled.

Stage two of this quest is fabric organization. I don't have the stash I used to have, but would like to be able to find what I need when I need it. Fabric, felt, vintage finds all have a place thanks to this sturdy but inexpensive solution.

It's a work in progress, with pile piles of stuff turning into organized & labeled bins and baskets. I'm working towards an efficient space, so I can tackle some big projects I've haven't had the space to attempt. This is gonna take a while... More snow is on it's way, a perfect day to organize! Thanks for stopping by.

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