Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Think Spring Valentine!

I made some favors for my guild, using the crochet hearts I made, and flower seed packets. We had to cancel the meeting once due to the weather and now the meeting has been relocated. The large amounts of snow are making our streets hard to park on and navigate. One of our wisest girls suggested the Parish building... with the parking lot all plowed and cleared.
The good news, I don't have to clean my house. The bad news, I have to bring the meeting to the meeting room. I'm always carting my home to events...bringing everything I might need but the kitchen sink. It's worth the trouble so everyone arrives safe, and we get to have an evening of warmth and friendship, wherever we meet.
We took our son Jon home Monday. The city was hit really hard by the storm last week. With the narrow streets and giant mounds of snow, Jon's neighborhood is almost impassible. I had to take a few photos of the way folks save a parking space in Chicago. It's an art form really, creatively using household items to save the parking space you spent hours shoveling out. My personal favorite, the 2 drawers... Do you think someones socks and undies are in a grocery bag until the thaw? ;-)
Yes my friends, enjoy today...but think Spring!

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Suzanne said...

The packets look wonderful. The ladies in your guild are so lucky!

The bottom picture reminds me of the edge-of-Chicago neighborhood where the Farmer was raised. I always laughed when I saw the chairs saving parking spaces but let me tell you the parking spot turf wars were NO JOKE. There were many fights that ensued.

Can you imagine the chutzpah, believing that a chair gave you parking rights?

Aunt Barb said...

Wonderful favors......lucky guild ladies to have you! Have a great evening.

Shelley Davis said...

Aw Penny a women after my own heart. I too am always carting "everything but the kitchen sink" with me here and there. I love your heart packages. How sweet. I love the sentiment thinking Spring. I am in Toledo,Ohio. We have had near as much snow as Chicago. My son and his wife are in the Minooka area of Chicago.

Stay warm.


tikascm said...

Happy Warm, Sunny Sunday to you Pal. I love you.

tikascm said...

Forgot to wish you a Happy & Loving Valentine's Day.