Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is Good

A busy weekend. A visit from our daughter. The birth of a baby! A guild meeting. A bake sale. A ride up Sheridan Road. A visit to Lake Michigan. Visits with our little bird. A Valentine family dinner.

We had our Guild meeting, though the location change didn't bring the girls out in the numbers I had expected. We had a good meeting, and it was warm inside, always good to reconnect.

Kristen is visiting, and though she has been busy with activities of her own, it's great to have some time with her. Her dear friends Mo and Tim had a baby boy named Timmy on Sunday. His delivery perfectly timed for a visit from "Auntie Kristen".

We had a bake sale on Saturday and Sunday to fill our Guild treasury. Strawberry cupcakes and the usual pumpkin bread and cranberry orange loaves were my contribution.

We spent a large amount of time back and forth to the city. Some things never change, as we've logged thousands of miles chauffeuring our kids (now adults!) round the city.

We detoured off the usual route home and took one of our favorite rides, up Sheridan Road. Lake Michigan is beautiful in any season, but especially on this 50 degree Sunday. This beach is our favorite. It's in Wilmette across from the Baha'i House of Worship.

We call this section of the road the "Ravines". I don't know if that's just our name for it, but we've enjoyed this twisty section of the road for over 40 years. The homes along Sheridan are spectacular! If I could live anywhere, (without worry about the cost...) I'd live on the lake shore, off Sheridan Road in Wilmette. My husband says Mequon, up north in Wisconsin... Then we decided that if we had the money for one, why not both! That's what happens when a dreamer loves a dreamer!

Speaking of Love, we had dinner on Valentines Day with our kids. That's something that hasn't happened in years. Then they were gone again, to their own celebrations, as it should be. Our little bird is flying south to Texas today to visit with Lolly and Pop (Grandma and Grandpa), as Kristen heads back home. The house will be too quiet for a while, but then we'll settle back into our regular routine. Life is Good!

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Aunt Barb said...

Sure looks like you had a very busy weekend.
Isn't it good though - being with friends and family. Lots of work too but it is all worth it when its all said and done.

Great pics of Lake Michigan. I can't believe you had 50's. Must mean the snow is melting.

cityfarmer said...

looks like the Glencoe beach ...

are you coming to the blogger party?