Friday, February 18, 2011

What's she up to?

You might be wondering... Well, I recently finished this prayer shawl. I used all my bright colors, and used the granny 1/2 square pattern that is so easy and quick. If you're not familiar, prayer shawls are given to people who are facing illness, or to comfort in any situation. It's a sign of support that means so much to the recipients. The maker is putting their work to prayer, and I find comfort in making them. Sometimes, when you don't know how to help, a prayer shawl says it all.
One of our Guild Sisters is new Mom! She adopted a beautiful baby boy named Jake, and we'll be celebrating with a baby shower this weekend. He's an answer to our prayers, and his Mom's dream come true. This is the first baby for our Guild in many years. We are so fortunate to have younger members joining us, so Jake will have some "cousins" in the years to come. We really do share our joys, and are there for each other in the hard times too. It's so beautiful that this baby boy found this wonderful Mom and we ALL get to be Aunties!
This is my latest project. The closet in my craft room. As a gift for my recent birthday, (Yep, the old girl is 56!) my husband purchased a shelving unit that will fit nicely inside the closet. I plan on using my collection of picnic baskets as additional storage. I also have a plan for the louvered doors. Come back and see how this project turns out!

Have a great weekend my friends and thanks for visiting.

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Jennifer Rizzo said...

Penny, you are the crochet queen. That is so pretty!

tikascm said...

I use the prayer shawls that you made for me & for Terry every night. I feel closer to him and to you. Thank you, Pal.