Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Easter Cleanup

This is my favorite time in the garden.  The cleanup before Easter.  This fountain, my husband built for me so many years ago.  It's been through a few pumps, and the rose head on the watering can has a weird leak that actually can empty the water overnight.  I'm looking for a new one...  The liner has been scrubbed clean.  The birds depend on it for a drink, and it's so soothing, the sound of running water.

Sometimes, it's just picking up the pieces...  A pot forgotten, knocked over by winter storms.  Cleaning out all the pots, even boots I plant in each year.
We used the chain saw to clean up large branches.  It was a hard winter for the trees. There's still the pond to open...

What I especially like about working at this time of year, is there are few bugs.  After our 80 degree weather today, I'm afraid that won't be true tomorrow.  A storm is predicted for this evening, but the day is just beginning and the work is waiting.  It feels so good to be in the sun, and to see my progress after a hard days work.

I have a few rummage sale finds to share tomorrow.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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