Monday, April 4, 2011

Treasure Hunt

On the weekends I usually check the ads in the newspaper and online for rummage sales, then I hand them off to my DH.  He is a cheerful participant and has found a few treasures of his own on our outings.  This week took us to Skokie, to the Central United Methodist Church Rummage Sale, where we were amazed to find a beautiful, fully restored Log Cabin on their property.  A little online research, and I found out this... 

The log cabin was built in 1923, when Skokie, then called Niles Center, was a vast open prairie of tall grasses and few trees.  So few that the logs were harvested and shipped down from the north woods of Wisconsin.  Carpenters from Finland designed and styled the cabin after the buildings in their native land. After a long history, the log cabin is the still the  "heart" of the congregation and is used for classes, meetings and for a Boy Scout Troop.  The log cabin was a treasure we never expected to find.  I just love when that happens!
This is the back of the cabin.  The front we saw as we left, on a closed street with no access.

It was surprising to see this cabin, in the heart of suburbia, and looking as lovely as the day she was completed.
The rummage sale treasures were great too.  This enameled bin, probably from an old refrigerator.  Perfect for my potting bench to hold soil.
A white glass compote, four sweet bowls, another french manufactured canning jar, a tea light pot warmer, decorated with a Marjolien Baskin design...then the score of the day two yards of buttery colored suiting wool.  I immediately felted it in the washer at home, and it is lovely and perfect for crafting and dyeing. 
A yard of  matelasse white on white upholstery fabric. 
The save it from the rag bag pick of the day....this sweet embroidered hand towel.  Someones labor of love.
A drum roll please, the cost of my treasures, $4.00! It all fit into a brown paper bag, with nothing hanging out, as the lovely ladies at the table warned.  So much fun for $4!

 It was 70 degrees last night, down to 40 this afternoon.  We're in for another storm.  Welcome to Spring in Chicagoland!  Have a great day.


cityfarmer said...

I've heard nothing but good bout this sale ...

some girls have all the fun!
love your s.t.u.f.f

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I love that towel! You've given me inspiration to be more adventurous when it comes to seeking out sales!

Privet and Holly said...

There is nothing
better than a church
rummage sale!! Our
church gives all the
proceeds from the annual
rummage sale to local
charities. Last year's
take: $180,000.00!!
And you would have swooned
at some of the goodies : )
Loved all your stuff and the
cabin is precious.
xx Suzanne