Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Finished Product

I sometimes post something I am working on, but you never get to see the finished product.  I stenciled a fern on to burlap and was pleased with the results.

I sewed the burlap onto a ready made pillow cover (available at Target) and trimmed it out with grosgrain ribbon.  That's one project done, so many waiting... 

Wait till I show you some of the photos my photographer son, Jon took yesterday at the Cub's game.  I saw Jon on TV so many times, like the proud Mom I am, I was giddy! He's the guy in the dark jacket and jeans, right next to the dugout! ( I took the photo from the TV) He photographed Robert Redford, and exchanged a few words (oh Hubbell, be still my heart!) Ernie Banks, who was friendly and cool, and Jon congratulated Raum Emmanuel, the soon to be new Mayor of Chicago. 
It was not a good day for photographers with a steady rain, and turned out not to be a good day for the Cubs, they lost.  Jon had a great time anyway, and took some great photos.  I hope to have some of his photos to post here next week.
Have a great weekend dear friends.

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Aunt Barb said...

Nice Pillow. I'd love to see a photo of Robert Redford. Be still my heart!