Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Natural

Here are a few of the photos taken by my son the photographer.  He's the "Natural" in this post.  Taking on an assignment, doing his best, enjoying the process, that's Jon...a natural artist.

From your sign to God's ear... 
Hope is the one thing Cub fans have to have.

Robert Redford
Yes ladies, still handsome after all these years.

The soon to be new mayor of Chicago,
 Rahm Emanuel.
My favorite, Mr. Redford and Mr. Cub.
Ernie Banks is an icon in Chicago sports...and the only reason I got a detention in High School. (I was listening to my transistor radio in Theology class (my first mistake) when Ernie Banks hit his 300th home run...I felt the need to share it... (stupid mistake)  The result, one Saturday morning in the "Breakfast Club."

I don't know how Jon got this special moment in that crush of press. Jon spoke with everyone of the people he photographed.  Some a moment or two, some just to say, "Great job!"  to Robert Redford after throwing out the first pitch... "Congratulations!" to Mr Emanuel.  Jon's a natural there too, his calm, friendly style puts people at ease.  Hope you enjoyed these photos.  Thanks Jon,  for letting me post about them today.

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