Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Fabbychic!

Taking a quick break from today's chores to introduce you to Elizabeth, from Fabbychic.  I met Elizabeth at our Illinois Blog Gathering.  In February she didn't have a blog, but I knew from all her questions that she was ripe for one! Now, she is blogging and showing off her new designs. She is a talented designer, and the photo below is of her line of loungery.  She may be new to blogging, but she has been in the creative community for some time.  Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Elizabeth!  Check her out!

And now back to my regularly scheduled pre- holiday preparation's! Have a great day.

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tikascm said...


I so enjoyed reading about the beginnings of FabbyChic. I will be visiting her site when she has had the chance to add more pictures and prices of her lovely products. love you, pal -