Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Report

On Saturday, we hit a local rummage sale.  I spent just over a dollar, and got the rusty looking thingy, that was only painted to look like rust. (and ran off red in the dishwater when I washed it)  It needs a clear coat, but a steal at .50.  I'm into trays, so this galvanized one came home with me, as did the cheese dome. There were so many rummage sales, but they were a distance from home. With the cost of gas, any bargains we got wouldn't be bargains... so we decided to be good, and spent the rest of the day outside, cleaning up. 
The cool milk bottle came from my SIL.
 Thanks Betty!

This is our little pond.  We had to take all the flagstone and rocks off, so we could replace the liner.  It's a big job, and one that I've done alone before.  Lucky me, DH did all the heavy lifting this time.  There were a couple of scary moments, when my dearest one almost took a header into the pond, and I screamed like a little girl when I almost picked up a REAL TOAD, thinking it was a rock!  I'm such a baby!  We went right past spring and into summer on Sunday with temps in the 80's. I'd like a little more spring before we head into summer thank you. We've got much more to do outside, but we made progress.  Now to plan our Easter brunch menu and shopping lists.     

  Our little projects this weekend were a pleasure after the long winter. Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend, and  hope the week ahead is a productive one for you and for me.  Have a great day dear friends.

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Great scores, Penny. I'm obsessed with cheese domes right now! And the pond is lovely. We used to have one with koi in it. I miss it.