Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring in Chicago

It wasn't as surprising as you might think, to look out the window this morning and see snow on April 18th. Many a Easter bonnet and patent leather shoes have been ruined by a Easter snowstorm.

 Even April snow has it's beauty...
I blame myself, for as soon as you put away the shovels, the snow is sure to fall. Silly me.
The hostas and pansies are hearty sorts,
and the forty degree temperatures forecast for today
should make this snow a happy memory by lunch.
I appreciate you stopping by. A busy week ahead, take care.

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Aunt Barb said...

Looks the same over here in Michigan.
Pace yourself this week, my friend.

tikascm said...

The light dusting of snow was pretty yesterday! I am happy though that it has melted as promised by the weathermen(and women). I know how busy you will be this week with your Easter preparations and the little one visiting. Take care not to be too stressed! Love you pal

Anne Marie... said...

isn't this weather awful??

kind of is befitting for the current Holy Week though....not a joyous time, but a time of reflection and coldness...

(still hoping Easter is warmer though!!)