Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another PB Inspiration

We walked the concrete and relatively mosquito free fancy pants mall, and had to stop and see what's up at the Pottery Barn. How about this pergola over the dining table? My Husband agrees, we'd need a new home before we could fit one over our dining room table.  Isn't it romantic...
The lanterns, tablecloth, glassware and the upholstered chairs are so inviting.

Of all the beautiful things I saw at the PB, the one idea I saw that I knew I could replicate, was a small vintage looking whitewashed terracotta pot with a single sunflower in it.

This morning I headed down to the basement for some sunflowers. Miracle of miracles, I found them! If you saw my basement you'd understand. I had peat pots already in my craft stash. I put the sunflower stem into a small cube of floral foam and covered the foam with a  little green Spanish moss. It looked good but not like the one at PB. (No, of course I didn't photograph it at the store, I was busy laughing with my funny husband.)

So I got out some white paint and watered it down, and painted it on the peat pot... I also put a little green ink on my finger from a stamp pad, and added that around the top and bottom. This is the look I was going for.  Since the flower looked a little new, I gave it a spray of walnut ink. Tones down the color too.

Wouldn't they be cute as a favor for a late summer lunch? I grabbed a catalog on the way out of the store.  Loads of inspiration...for free.  I already have some autumn ideas for my buffet and dining room table, and a wish list!  This is one store where I'd love a shopping spree!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Aunt Barb said...

How cute! I love working with peat pots. PB has a lot of inspiration.