Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Route 14

We never used to go down Route 14, aka Northwest Highway in our town.  It's not as scenic as Route 12, and that was our usual route out into the country, and points north.  We started going down 14 to visit the Farm and son needed overalls for a Halloween costume one year, and that's where we found them. Then I met dear Jeannie, who has a awesome shop in the Colonial Antique Mall in Woodstock, just off 14 on route 47.  A few visits later we found ourselves heading down 14 when we get into the car for a ride.
Recently we kept on going, past Woodstock and heading northwest towards Wisconsin.
That's how we found this cool place. 
 Nicholl's Blue Barn Treasures, 8205 North US Highway 14 in Harvard, Illinois.
 There we met some friendly fowl, and found a barn, out buildings and a yard filled with junk.
 I was looking for treasures and not taking many photos, but with this one photo you get the idea. 
Close by, we also found Big Foot, or at least where he and his kin are buried. (Click on photo for a better look)
Don't you love barn quilts?  We are always whizzing by, at the speed limit, right honey?  This one time I got off a couple of photos.
This is what I found at the Blue Barn...  An enameled pan, a mini version of Buscia's big pan I use for home made pizza and cookies, one dollar.  I never see the smaller canning jars at a reasonable price, so I got a couple..$2.50 each.   The silver plate spoons were 4 for a dollar, and not shown was some seam binding in packets, 5 for a dollar.  There was a little bit of everything, and we only saw a fraction because of the heat and humidity. 
 I'd like to visit the Blue Barn again... when it cools off a little!  Just another reason to travel Route 14. This completes my vacation posts, back to the real world!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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