Friday, August 5, 2011

North Shore Flea

We were tempted by a beautiful evening (compared to our weather as of late!) and a mid-week flea market.  We headed to the North Shore Flea and farmers market held in Highwood.  Getting there early was a disadvantage, as some of the vendors were just setting up.  I read on Gracie's Cottage, that they would be there, and with some cool stuff.  We walked away from their booth to give them the space to get things unpacked...and visited again before we left.  Their market bags are the coolest, and it was only self restraint that let me leave without one.
 We didn't stay for the bloggers meet and greet...
 but managed to stay long enough to purchase some delicious little pies from this bakery...
 this very small milk bottle and some clip on earrings. 
I like the idea of a mid week Vintage fix, but not to sound like a broken record...the heat has been hard to take and the mosquitoes.  I don't know how the vendors do it, out for hours at a time... Some in full sun!
It took us a long time to get home since there is no easy way to get from there to here, especially at rush hour.  The pies were delicious, and the earrings cleaned up nicely.  The milk bottle adds to my little collection.  If you're close to the north shore, check it out next week.

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Gracie's Cottage said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and your patience with our slow set-up! Stop by at Elkhorn on the 14th if you come.