Monday, August 22, 2011

What a Sunday!

 It was a BEAUTIFUL day...  we shared the highway with some sweet rides.  These kind folks even slowed down so I could get a picture.
We got lost, with all roads leading to lakes.  It was an adventure, and saw some beautiful sights we would have missed staying on the regular path.
At the Wilmot Flea my hubby redeemed himself with the purchase of yet another wooden tool box.  This one is just like the one I've been planting in for years. (Earlier this summer, I had just said, "You know that tool box is one of my favorite things"...when dear sweet unsuspecting hubby picked it up by the handle and it fell apart.) I felt bad...he felt worst!
Some new tools for the kitchen.  I never have enough measuring cups and spoons, especially during the cookie frenzy at Christmas.  I've been looking for this old school potato peeler.  I can peel 10lbs of potatoes in no time with this type of peeler. If you're asking, When do you have to peel 10 lbs of potatoes?'ve never been at my house at Thanksgiving!   The last one was probably thrown away accidentally, and if you're like me... I can't hit my stride with the new fanged peelers. 

If you read Midwest Living, in the Sept/Oct issue, dear Anne Marie of NaDa Farm is featured on the Out and About page.  Anne Marie is planning another sale at her beautiful farm in the fall.  Stop by her blog for some grace and inspiration.  Have a great day.


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Sounds like an old-fashioned kind of day.....long Sunday drives to nowhere.... just out and about enjoying the drive!

Thanks for the heads up on Anne-Marie. I will watch for it!

Lynne said...

That tool box would look fabulous with some cedar, white pine and spruce boughs.

And a few red berries too . . .