Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Distractions

Sat down and decided to start a project I have. I am going to hand sew 60 felt leaves for a dear friend's daughter's wedding in the fall. Sure I have plenty of time till October, but I am so easily distracted...

Did I sit down and start my project...No! I started a new one.

I recently saw one of these runners in a magazine, and have seen a similar one on the web. My friend Barb made a beautiful one at the start of the summer for her patio.

I think I was disappointed by the quality of my work on the bushel basket I recently lined. I needed to work on my techniques. So I did this with much more care and by the book. I actually ran a gathering stitch and evenly divided the gathers, pinned and even french seamed to hide the raw edges.

Awwwww, that's better. I've been all over the place, feeling I've not accomplished much lately. I think I need to let go and allow myself to create as the inspiration strikes. All the things I need to do will get done... I'm glad I had this conversation with myself!

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cityfarmer said...

can't stop dreaming of a pergola over the dining room table


Lynne said...

Your runner looks wonderful.
You are one creative lady!