Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hint of Autumn in the Air

It was a busy weekend, with a strong storm on Saturday afternoon that kept us inside.  The weather turned a little cooler, with just a hint of Autumn.  Historically, (or as my Dad would say, hysterically;-) my most prolific time.  I made these pillowcases for my SIL Elizabeth who will be celebrating her 29th birthday, AGAIN.  Betty as we call her, has been a fan of  the southwest style for years.  She recently destashed and gave me a bag of her fabric.  I hope that she'll like seeing some of it again as pillowcases.
We have talked about making a hypertufa planter together for a few years.  It's made with cement and vermiculite, and we just haven't had the time to try the process.  When in Elizabeth Illinois during our vacation I found several hypertufa planters, and a small change purse with "Elizabeth" embroidered on it.  My shopping for dear Betty was done.  Happy Happy Birthday dear Betty, I love you so!
We did visit one rummage sale on Saturday.  I found this leaf plate, and liked it...but loved it after I turned it over to find the name, Mom's name in beautiful script.  The doily is one of many given to me by my dear pal Carmella.  She brought me a stack of beautiful doilies, dresser scarves and such.  She also brought me several beautiful sweaters for the fall and winter.  Thanks dear friend.


 I put the plate to work holding my hand made soaps.
I found a match for a fabric I have benefiting the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  We are not able to us it for our service project because it says St. Jude on it. I spent a few hours sewing them up and now I will be finding good homes for them. 
The last project I wanted to show you is "Leaves".  I'm saying "Leaves" with a Vanna -like flourish of my hand! That little joke is for my Kristen... She sees leaves and thinks of me.  Never met a leaf I didn't like.
In fact it was a emailed photo more than a year ago from Kris that gave me this idea for the favor.  When the bride's Mom said, maybe a coaster... I remembered the photo but wasn't sure where I put the printed photo. Kris was able to pull up the email using the keywords leaves, and Penny in seconds!  I would have looked for the photo for hours.  My girl knows her computer, and what Mom likes.  Thanks Kristen!
I have till October to make about 60 leaf coasters.   I love to do handwork, especially small projects...instant gratification.  This Autumn themed wedding is small and to be held at a rustic location.  Don't you just love, LOVE!  I'm so happy to be a small part of this young couple's happy day.

Now, add a son sick with an earache, a doc in the box visit,  Jon's beautiful Charlotte visiting, 2 computers that needed repair and you have an idea about our weekend. Never got to the flea market like we planned, but never a dull moment.  Have a wonderful week dear friends. 

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Suzanne said...

This is really funny. I have a set of those leaf plates - in green. I think there are 10 or 12, can't remember if someone's name is on the back, I'll have to look.

The leaf coasters are awesome. I agree about the handwork. It's so relaxing to me.