Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Son the Blogger!

Our Son Jon has been miserable the last few days.  He has a terrible ear infection, but his computer broke in the middle of his redesign of his new web site and blog, This Camera is a Weapon...
That was even worst for him than the earache!  Dad stepped in and got the computer back to work
and Jon got some meds for his ear...
Jon's feeling better and back to working hard. 
As you can see,  Jon caught our hummingbird at the feeder, and featured this photo on his beautifully redesigned web site and new blog. I hope you'll check it out. Jon has been working a regular job, unrelated to his first love which is photography. He still has the opportunity to "shoot" cool events and concerts. You'll see just a fraction of Jon's beautiful portraits, places, bands and event photos. I am so impressed at his redesigned web site, and Jon says that he was inspired by my blogging, to start his own.
 That's pretty cool!   I'm a very proud Mom.
Happy blogging Jon, your work is amazing and I'll love the chance to visit you everyday, and to see what beautiful photo you'll post next on your blog.

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Lynne said...

Tell your son, "nice shot!". I would love him to come over and show me how to get some pics of the "hummers" visiting around here today. I saw at least five of the little darlings flitting around the feeder this morning.

I wonder where they store the water?? Have you ever seen them nesting?