Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting for Hummingbirds

A couple of days ago I saw a hummingbird in the backyard. Plant zinnias and you'll be rewarded by these little gems. I'm convinced that it is the same hummingbird that visits every year, and things that I've read about hummingbirds seem to agree with my theory.

Someday I may be quick enough to take that the little guy's photo, but it's a challenge just to spot them, they are so fast and never seem to fly a straight line like other birds. I've been telling our little bird about hummingbirds, she helped to make the sugar water for our feeder. I told her if we sat very still and watched very closely we might see one. An almost impossible task for a small girl always on the go. When the hummingbird finally came to the feeder, her face was priceless. She couldn't have been more surprised, with a look of total wonder... When the hummingbird left, we jumped around on the deck in celebration! A hummingbird came to our feeder! One of those magic moments you get to experience with a child. Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Lynne said...

Aren't they fun to watch them?
(Little ones being tickled pink is fun too.)

We have had soooo many this summer.

In fact they go through my 4 cups water to 1 cup sugar each week.

That is a bunch of sugar water mix for one tiny bird.
They must be bringing all the aunts, uncles and cousins, don't you think?

tikascm said...

I remember the beautiful picture that Jon Jon took a few years ago with the hummingbird drinking the nectar of a flower from your garden. It was priceless how he caught the lovely little bird. You could almost hear the quick flutter of its little wings.