Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a Girl!

We just found out that my new grand baby to be, is a Granddaughter!  This photo is just for the amusement of the Mom to be!  So many thoughts and memories are in my head and heart today.  Remembering how sweet and happy Kristen was when she was a baby, and still is today.  Imagining all the wonderful things awaiting Kris and Doug, watching this sweet baby girl grow.  Hoping that I'll be a good grandma... I'm a good auntie, but that is just a supporting player.  The pressure is off, and I can just be my crazy self.  Being a Grandma has responsibilities.  I hope I'm up to the task.  I know that my dearest will be the best Grandpa.  Amazingly, he never had a Grandparent in his life...not even a Father as an example.  Somehow, he is the best Dad, a cherished Uncle and a calm, wise and loving Grandpa to be.  Even his silver hair and beard give him that kindly and benevolent air of "Grandfather".   I'll be a long distance Grandma, with the technology to be a daily presence to my Granddaughter.  I've had the "Grandma" look for years now...not the hip, blond, is that the Mom or Grandma kind of Grandma... but the bun and apron wearing, cookie baker, rosy cheeked, sewing and crocheting Grandma, with a ample bosom for cuddling.  A baby girl, sigh... She is  already rocking my world!
Thanks for your indulgence on this topic.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Jill said...

WooHoo for a sweet baby girl on the way!

Aunt Barb said...

Oh my wonderful! iss Penny, no doubt about it, you will be a fabulous grandma. What are you thinking girlfriend? I can't are going to be over the moon!
Thanks for sharing the girly news. So fun....dressing a girl!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Get ready to spoil her a bunch!


Lynne said...

Thinking pink is SO much fun! You my dear will be the best "granny on the block!"