Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I went to the library on Friday, because with the new year comes the need to read!  There were too many books I wanted to take home with me.  I settled on a dozen or so, and have looked at each one and am reading one that I can't put down. (I'll talk about that in another post.)

The titles are many, with some decorating, some craft, some gardening. I even found a book by the American Pickers on how to find good junk.  (Like I need help with that ;-)
The need to craft is great in the new year...and I have a salvaged set of old encyclopedias just waiting to be folded and cut.
Once the Christmas decorations come down, the house will need some refreshing.  Looking through this Shabby Chic book, reminded me that you don't need new things to make your home a welcoming place.  Rachel does it with worn chairs, frayed fabric and many things I already have around the house.
 We had a quiet New Years, it was great to have nothing I had to do.  I made my favorite meal, and found a spud o love in the bag of many weird shaped potatoes. 
Of course I had to photograph it, and send it to my kids. 

I received this special gift during the holiday rush, but wanted to show it to you.  My dear friend Barb from Babs Just a Babblin' sent me this charming package with a vintage linen towel she found for me this summer, and saved for my Christmas present.  She thought it said, "Penny", and it does!
The little bean bags are actually hand warmers that you put in the microwave and snuggle in your gloves.  Such a thoughtful gift, though dear Barb is gift enough for me.  A friendship I cherish.

The sad work of taking down the decorations is on my agenda for this week.  Luckily the Sun is shining this morning.  It's not as hard on the spirit when the day is bright.  Back to the real world...but it sure was a great holiday, with so many happy memories to keep me warm on this cold January day.  Take care my friends! 

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