Monday, January 30, 2012

Where have all the eagles gone?

We took a ride to Utica, Illinois to Starved Rock State Park to see some eagles.  Last year there were dozens in the trees, this year...we saw one.  There was talk that there were actually 3 eagles hanging around the park this January, but we only saw the one making circles in the sky. 
 We still had a great time. 

We had three generations with us this trip.  Sue and Ron brought their daughter and son in law with their two beautiful grandchildren.  Dot is also pictured, Kev is off somewhere with Ron.  We've all been friends since grade school. 
 This is the river and Plum Island where the eagles usually roost.
 People were pointing their binoculars in this direction, but I didn't see any eagles.
 It is a very pretty place to roost, and right next to the dam where I hear the fishing is great.  This is what usually draws the eagles to this spot.  This year, with our mild winter, the eagles had their choice of open water.
 It was cold and icy walking the trail to Lover's Leap Overlook. Just getting to the stairs was treacherous.
 Here our good friend Ron and my dearest take a breather.
We were rewarded at the top with a fly by of the single eagle we saw.  He is in the upper left hand side of this photo, a third of the way down.  I wasn't sure I captured his photo till I got home and looked on my computer screen.

It was worth the hike to see the beautiful view.

The walk down was equally dangerous...once you get that downward momentum, it's hard to stop! My husband makes me laugh, he's just plain silly sometimes. I love that about him!
A great visit with dear friends.  We spent the evening in front of the fire...I love the contrast of fire and ice! We got very cold and then got cozy warm.  Reminded me of skiing back in the day with these very same friends! On the way home I told my husband that I missed Sue and Laury.  They are the missing couple of this group that's been together for over 40 years.  Sue and Laury live in California... I so wish they were here to enjoy this time in our lives together! (Hope you're reading this Sue!)

I've got some time off from baby wrangling this week, and hope to accomplish much.  Have a great day dear friends!


Aunt Barb said...

Looks like you had a great day with Mother Nature and friends. The best kind of say! Not much snow up there!
have a good week, Penny! Moving on tomorrow to the middle of the state. leaving the beautiful oceanfront.

Jill said...

It looks and sounds like a perfectly wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Starved Rock is practically in "my back yard" Sorry you didn't see many eagles. Too mild of weather. I live on the south side of the Illinois River and look for them as I cross at LaSalle or Peru. I haven't seen many either this winter. But one flew over our grade school as I was out on recess duty on Monday!!!