Saturday, January 28, 2012

With a Little Help from my Friends!

In my last post I asked for some help.  Some great friends and fellow bloggers came to my aid.  With their advice and helpful links, my vision for the baby shower all came together.  Lynne, of  Irish Garden House sent me a link with a vintage baby shower,  then Debby from Cozy Blanket (I just love the name of her blog!) gave me some tips in a comment she left.  These two lovely ladies are the best! I don't want to  show all my cards, but I have so many great ideas now. 
When I took a trip to the local Hallmark to buy invitations, it turned into a little inspirational outing.  I found this wrapping paper and I got an idea.  An then... it all fit together.  For now I'll just share the invites I made.  The Mom to be is not a pink kind of  girl, and I knew the colors were perfect to pull all my ideas together.

I used my die cutter to cut the wrapping paper and xyroned them onto kraft paper cards.  The kraft paper will tie into the be seen at a later date.  I used Snug Hug seam binding in 3 different colors, and a varigated string to tie the tags. The little brown bags hold a tag with the info on where the Mom to be is registered.
 Must get more seam binding!!
With a little help from my friends and some long hours of work, these invites are finished  and off in the mail.
On to my next project...a quilt perhaps?  Have a great weekend, and thanks again Lynne and Debby. 


Debby said...

So cute and you are so welcome. The name of my blog was from a paint color I used in my house. I loved the name and loved the word Cozy and Blanket. So that's how it came to be.....thanks.

Aunt Barb said...

Those invites are adorable. Nice job!

Lynne said...

Aren't you sweet mentioning me and your friend Debby. Thank you!

I just remembered one/two more things. I went to a baby shower this summer and they used baby bottles as the containers to hold flowers on the table. Really cute . . .

They had a Moses Basket, covered, with many baby items in it. We were able to take a look, then they took it away and we had to list all we saw. The one who named the most received a gift and the momma to be received the basket and the things inside.

Have fun Penny, your invites look adorable . . .