Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick and Crafty

While perusing my favorite blogs, I visited The Graphics Fairy for her Brag Monday.  I do love this site, but it takes so long for it to load on my computer.  I can have breakfast, throw in a load of laundry, clean a bathroom, sew a get the picture.  It takes a LONG time. So, I'm sorry I haven't linked to the actual project. 

It is one of those quick and crafty projects I love, when I  find I have everything at home I need.  The key to this project is the Lazertran, Waterside Decal Paper.  I purchased mine several years ago, on the internet at
It is very easy to do...Find an image you love, and print it onto the Waterside Decal Paper.  I saved the image to picasa and changed it to a sepia image, and printed it onto the waterslide decal paper.  I waited overnite for the ink to set, but the instructions state that you can use the image after only 30 minutes drying time.
Sepia Images

Trimmed and ready to put into warm water.

These are bottles I had, the clear bottles are from olive oil.   I bought  them at a rummage sale this summer for .25 each.  I can't get rid of a blue bottle, they are so I always seem to have one around for crafting.
 The paper immediately curls when it hits the worries...
 You can easily flatten it out.  Then slide a corner to remove the decal.

 I was a little rough on the first decal, I tore it and rubbed a little too hard with a plastic scraper.
 As it dries, you can see the white back of the decal.  If you want to make this clear, you can use a clear coat varnish.
I'll clear coat the clear bottle, but leave the blue bottle as is.  With a pretty stopper this will look charming.
If you are interested in trying this, I'm going to print out a few labels.  If you email me, I'll send you one to try. I have enough decal paper to make just a few, so let me know.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends!

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Happy New Year friend! Love the bottles. You won't believe this but literally this morning I was looking through my "idea folder" for instructions on using waterslide decals! I have a wood project that I'm itching to cover with something French. Thanks for the photos and site reference, I'll be ordering this stuff soon!