Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuff and Such

I found this beautifully illustrated scrapbook at the local thrift store. It's like a modern cabinet card book, with flowers on each page.

It would be perfect for altering, and I think that's what I'll do with the individual pages.

This bark cloth wanna be is upholstery weight, and at 60 inches wide and 2 yards long plenty for several projects.

Have you seen this free booklet from Hobby Lobby? So many really nice things to do with burlap, or dropcloth or canvas. It reminded me of when Hobby Lobby would have a spot on the Aleene's crafting show, Creative Living. Patty and Darcee, always demonstrated such great ideas, and back then visiting a Hobby Lobby was only a dream. I think they were just in the south back then.

Really cool placemats.  Now Hobby Lobby is close by and is my favorite crafting store.  Go check it out, you might see me there! 

Here in Chicagoland we are on STORMWATCH!  It's gonna be a long day.  Remember my shout out to a person visiting the west coast...he's stuck there.  Flights have been cancelled in anticipation of the storm.  Tom Skilling the weatherman at WGN is usually right on the money in his forecast, but this storm had so many "models" (predictions by the National Weather Service) that we may have 3 inches or as many as 9.  This is one day I'm not wishing for the maximum snowfall.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post. I so appreciate your friendship, and your comments always make me smile. Thank you.  Stay safe my friends.  Have a great weekend!

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Jill said...

I love that cabinet book. It reminds me of vintage photo books! I so wish we had Hobby Lobby here. I only been to one twice and loved it!

Stay safe through the storm!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Think we've got 6-8 inches after all is said is done...the book looks great, I'm like obsessed with burlap and dropcloth these days. Now if only I could sew!