Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeing Sepia

They say in Chicago, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. It has been so true this weekend. Friday we had 9 inches of snow. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, then turned dark and gray with fog. Sunday was more fog, snow, sleet, rain, thunder and lighting. This morning, instead of seeing the gray outside, I'm seeing sepia. Here are a few photos I took this weekend. Moving things around, playing and puttering. This is my thrifted tray, a fern, some old encyclopedias and a few apothecary bottles I found at the Hob Lob.

I've never found an antique jar that I could afford, so I was really pleased to find these, and on sale.

This large mirror has seen many transformations in it's time. I used the old method of napkin applique, and some of Hallmark's Ivy patterned napkins. The technique is old as the hills...a little white glue and a pretty napkin. You cut around the design and peel off any excess layers. Spread the thinned glue on the surface to be decorated and carefully place the napkin motif. Gently cover with the glue mixture with a soft brush and let dry. The glue dries clear and you can't see that it's a napkin. It really does look hand painted. This was back in my Ivy period. Think Waverly Ivy, another blast from the past that is actually timeless. A fresh look for this gloomy time of year.

It really does look painted!

Here is another tray...These books I bought at the first NaDa Farm sale I attended a couple of years back. The little nest is an ornament I could not put away, given to me by my dear SIL Elizabeth. She also gave me the dried hydrangeas...generous girl!

Remember that "someone" who was stuck out west? Well, that was my dearest. After a week that included a total of 24 hours in airports, 8 hours or so in the sky, he arrived safely home at 2am on Saturday. After a white knuckled ride on the still uncleared roads and highways, our son Mike was the hero who got us to the airport in one piece... Needless to say, my house is very clean (I used my anxiety last week for good not evil;-) and the baby's afghan is getting big.  I am so grateful to have my guy HOME!  Even a gray day can be beautiful. Have a good one!

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Jill said...

Your photos are beautiful! So glad your guy made it home safely.

Lynne said...

Very nice Penny . . . I liked the mirror idea . . . and the sepia photos . . .