Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Moon Tonight

photo by jon willoughby
The full moon Saturday will appear to be bigger and brighter than it has in a long time. That’s because of its closeness to earth.

The moon will be at its fullest in the middle of the day, at 1:11 p.m. Even though you’ll have to wait until the evening to see it, the moon still will appear full then — and 14 percent larger than normal and up to 30 percent brighter than normal.

from the Chicago Sun Times

 My love affair with the Moon started as a kid. I thought it was following us home when riding in the car with my parents.  It still is magical to me, and this song, by the genius song writer Jimmy Webb, always sets the right mood.  It's cloudy today, I hope it clears up. so tonight my sweetie can howl at the moon;-) with me by his side.  (Gets all the dogs in the neighborhood to barking!)  Have a great weekend!  

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Jill said...

Great minds think alike, Penny. :) Love this song. I'd never heard it before. Cloudy here so am not sure I'll get to see it...but I will try...and think of you.

Lynne said...

Beautiful song Penny. I hope clears around here so I can view the moon. I will listen for your howl . . . maybe a baby will be born on a full, full moon eve . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

We saw this on the news last night...our littlest one is enthralled with astronomy and would love to see this! Debating waking him up.

Sorry, our internet connection is so bad in the boonies lol that I can't listen to your song (takes too darn long to load! ):)

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Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!