Friday, May 18, 2012

The World is Coming to Chicago

This weekend the world is coming to my home town.  The NATO Summit is being held here, so people from all over the world will be here for the summit and for protests and demonstrations all around our town.  It's a wonderful opportunity for Chicago, to be on the world stage, but also a scary prospect...there are those that wish to disrupt, destroy, make trouble, make a statement.  Yesterday morning I heard a fighter jet quickly cross the airspace over our little suburb, and it made me think of the possibility of trouble.  Our son  works security in the loop, and has had special training for this weeks events.  I pray he doesn't need to use it.  My hope is for a peaceful summit, peaceful demonstrations and a PEACEFUL WORLD.  I proudly welcome the world to my home, Chicago!

Have a great weekend my friends.

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Lynne said...

Peaceful Summit . . . Peaceful Chicago . . . PEACE . .

Suzanne said...

Grab yesterday's Tribune and read what John Kass has to say about the summit coming to Chicago. It's hilarious.

The one thing he wants them to do is get out of McCormick place and go have a pork chop sandwich at the Maxwell Street Depot!

Read the article here:,0,5024340.column

Aunt Barb said...

So since the world is coming to town are you headed out to the country? As in Nada Farms?

Debby said...

Mixed blessings for sure. I fear things I never had to before.