Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Trip to NY

I took these roses as a sign that everything would be alright...any Little Flower  faithful?
When Doug called at 4am to say that Kris was ready to go to the hospital, we were pretty calm.  We had had a few false alarms since Saturday...and that's the reason we were in Brooklyn in the first place.  We had planned to leave when Kristen was in labor, hoping to arrive just after the baby was born.  We were there for three days while Penny took her time, and poor Mom had contractions on and off for 4 days!  The gift was that we were there for Kris and Doug...We took them shopping, to the midwife, to their offices and finally, when the time came, to get Mom and Dad to the hospital in Manhattan, and then to get little Penny home to Brooklyn.

The view from Kris' 11th floor hospital room.
A gated garden, tranquil inside, the chaos that is Manhattan outside.

Grandpa in the hospital lobby waiting...

These two little sparrows kept us amused while we waited.

Painted on the wall of the hospital.

This is the way sweet baby Penny came home...Mom on one side, Dad on the other, each holding a little hand...and Mom's pinky, a binky!

 Thank you so very much for the sweet comments and best wishes for the little family, and for good ol' grandpa and grandma.  I'm going to be keeping busy, hoping to use some of my baby ache to fuel some creativity.  Now to catch up with all of my friends in blogland!  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Aunt Barb said...

I was hoping you wouldprovide a recap! You never disappoint. Sweet, sweet baby! Thanks for sharing.

Lynne said...

Loved this Penny . . . the last photo is delightful. Keep the pictures flowing, I so enjoy these "early look sees"!

Jill said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Alyssa said...

Oh yay!!! Congrats! Birds in the hospital? Were they there with eggs in a nest? How cute would that be if they had a nest in the maternity ward?! lol! So glad you're back. I was hesitant to send out your goodies, but now you are home :) Hope you enjoy your goody, goody, goodies!!! Shipping soon to a cottage near you-;) Alyssa of Boston Bee

Alyssa said...

p.s. She is adorable!!! How could I not write that?!!! My mind is with those birds.-lol!