Monday, May 7, 2012

The Quilt and other things...

Baby has a quilt.  My long arm quilter friend Maureen, machine quilted this quilt I made for our grand daughter.  I always let her decide the quilting pattern, she is so good at knowing what will make a quilt shine.  Here Maureen used a swirl pattern to keep this modern but simple baby quilt moving.

It turned out so well, I am pleased and I think that Mommy to be is gonna love it.  I hope that babygrand does too and loves it to pieces.

I didn't prewash the fabric, so when I was finished hand sewing the binding, I threw it into the wash.  With a poly/cotton batting and 100% cotton top and bottom it feels like a dream.  Kinda like how I'm feeling about this whole Grandma thing!

We visited one rummage sale late on Saturday.  We hit the bag sale for $5 and got all this, plus 8 skeins of sayelle yarn.  Sayelle yarn was BIG in the 70's and my Mom swore by it.  She was right.  Some 28 years since she crocheted her last afghan, they are all still beautiful.  You can throw them into the wash and they come out like brand new. I throw anything I can't wash, like yarn,  into a sealed plastic bag with a bounce until I'm ready to use it.

It was garage sale weekend in the neighborhood.  I didn't go to one!  Shocking!  When we took a walk, someone had lined up over a dozen baskets with a free sign.  This one came home to be used in the fall...mums, pine cones...  I like to plan ahead!

We didn't get to see the Moon at all this weekend.  I did see photos from all over the world on the Nightly News.  Did you see the photo of a young woman holding up a picture frame with the Super Moon in it?  It was so awesome.  Hope you were able to see the amazing Moon where you live.

Have a great week my friends!

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Lynne said...

No moon shots here . . . of any kind . . . smile! Rain, rain, rain, drip, drip, drip BUT green, green, green!

Love "grands" quilt . . . Very nice Penny!

Aunt Barb said...

Baby Grand's quilt is so happy! I love the bright colors. Gorgeous work. She will treasure forever!

Like Lynne mentioned, no moon here...just cloud cover and rain, rain, rain! Ugh!

Jill said...

Your quilt is stunning! What a lucky baby!

I love the fruit bowl and basket. Great deals!

No moon here...thunderstorms instead.

Kristen! said...

I love that quilt so much!! It'll be so great for snuggling, tummy time, forts, naps...all the best stuff. :)