Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Amazing $5 Bag

I haven't posted about my recent rummaging...but I had to show you my amazing $5 bag.
At rummage sales around here, the last day of the sale usually includes a bag sale.  You pay $5 for everything you can fit into the bag.  I got some great stuff.
The clock, it has a domed glass, perfect for a little assemblage, and the oval shape is cool.
Another breadboard...yes, a new collection,  a galvanized funnel, 2 heavy metal flower frogs!
I didn't have any since they are always so expensive.
Two Martha Stewart brand table runners, navy and off white...a new package of Halloween tissue.

I just get giddy about treasure such as these!

The bag was heavy!

This was a cool find.  Someone started to make the wreath on the cover of this Martha Stewart Living magazine. Included in a large plastic bag was the magazine, dozens of embossed and cut green velvet holly leaves, a large metal ring, 2 yards of fusible interfacing, one yard of white velvet.  Score!  

I liked this Autumn hued fabric..it will make a cool pillow for the fall.

Two beautiful books...I especially like the one about New England.  Fun fact... my sweetheart was born in Massachusetts!

I set out the flower frogs with my small collection of vintage gardening nozzles...

and my breadboard with the others in my painted tool carrier.
At the outdoor section of the same sale I made a beeline to these crib rails.  They had a $2 price tag and I have been looking for some after seeing them used to display vintage linens.  I went up to the gentleman in charge and he said," $2...but everything is half off!"  I got them both for one dollar.  As my sweetheart walked them to the car, another man came up and said in surprise..."Somebody bought them!!!"  They were from his grand children's crib that was no longer deemed safe.  He brought them thinking, who would be interested?...
I told him I was so excited to find them and he gave me a big hug.  When I told him how I would use them he was thrilled.  I just love fun at the rummage sale.

Speaking of New England, I'll be on golden pond today...OK, it's just our little pond that needs some attention.  It will be in the 80's today and I'm sure to get wet. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my friends, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Melanie said...

I wish I knew you needed crib rails - we threw ours out a few weeks ago while cleaning out the basement! I kept the box spring though. I'm going to spray-paint it and hang it on a wall...maybe in Tim's room when he moves out - and use clothespins to hang pictures on it.

Faye Henry said...

Love the idea of the crib rails for vintage linens to sell in my shop. I shall pin this. Thanks.. You sure did get a lot of good loot..

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Great stuff, esp. the frogs. I collect them, too!

Debby said...

Hi Penny. I am catching up on your posts. Having computer problems again. Your son and his girlfriend make a sweet couple. Love your sweet finds. You are brave planting and working in the cold. I think it is supposed to warm here tomorrow. It has been cooler. Good luck with all the things you are tackling. Your tribute to your mothers in your family was special. Your mother was so beautiful. Love that Baby P.

Lynne said...

Great finds Penny, looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the crib rails.