Thursday, May 16, 2013

Planting in a Grapevine Wreath

I am so close to finished in the yard...I have worn myself out...(Sorry Lynne, you warned me!;-)
My only injury is a painful sunburned elbow.  I always wear a three quarter sleeve, I just do, but wore a raggy short sleeved shirt while I dug out the garden for planting.
Go figure.  Just wanted to share this little project.  I've been doing this for years, but had my camera close by this time.

This wire, covered in plastic is available in the floral dept at Michael's.  I had a scrap at home, but chicken wire would work equally well.  Just bend a piece over the bottom half of a grapevine wreath.  I folded the sides like you would wrap a gift.  I also used floral wire to secure it onto the wreath.

Super Moss to the rescue!

I lined both sides with pieces of the moss.  I put wrong side out in the back just cause it looks prettier.

Then my gardening secret weapon...the coffee filter.  I use then in the bottom of pots and window boxes...anything that has a hole the soil can leak out of.  I used two to line the space.

Fill the space with potting mix.
I used some leftover flowers...but trailing vines of bacopa are is ivy.

Plant as you would any pot.  To secure, I covered the soil with additional moss and wired it all together to secure it. Keep an eye on this wreath since it dries out very easily.
Such a pretty addition to the pots and hanging plants.

This baby is clean as a whistle and the birds are sooo happy.  (never mind my boom box...I love working to music in the garden!) The little ones love to play in this water too, with supervision, so I try to keep it extra clean.  (One year at Easter, one of the kids emptied their bubble liquid into this fountain, funny, but not for the birds that depend on this water source!)

Sweet p. she is almost one year old, the words are coming fast and furious.  Mom, Dad, hi, yeah!, here kitty kitty, dog, star, ba for bottle, deetdee for binky and hey! She also sign language..for again, all done, and bird.  She does the itsy bitsy spider, if you're happy and you know it, Penny gives high fives and big wet kisses, even to Grandma on the Ipad.  She has filled my heart this year with a love that is only known to other grandmas.  I can't wait to have her here.  Can't wait for the whole family to be together!

To all my friends, thanks for your kind comments and emails.  It means so much to me that you care!

Thanks my friends for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

Gives me goosey bumps . . . very bright little one saying so many words.

Love your wreath . . . I created something today too . . . Pictures soon!

Go rest now . . . noxzema on sunburn works for me!

Melanie said...

I love all your garden projects! Be sure to wear sunscreen next time you're out in the yard. I'm very fair, so I always do. I know you're very excited to have your sweet, little granddaughter at your house again. :-)

20 North Ora said...

Penny - Love the planting idea in the wreath! Also love your watering can fountain. So cute.


Lutka And Co. said...

Beautiful wreath planter! Will have to have a go at making one - thanks!