Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

Yes, our granddaughter Penny had the happiest birthday. You'll have to take my word for it as my photos will not download into Picasa, a computer issue that I hope can be resolved. These are a few I took with my IPad . Hubby is in his glory, a sleeping one year old, snuggled in his arms is an invitation to nap.

The day started out cool with the threat of rain, and it never never did get warmer, and the sun never came out, but we had the best time anyway. We purchased this tent for a few dollars more than it would cost to rent. It looked pretty with the birthday garland and paper lanterns hanging inside.

Penny's favorite show is Yo Gaba Gaba. It's a show featuring crazy looking characters like Muno, above,

and Brobe, in watermelon form created by my talented SIL Elizabeth. On Yo Gaba they tackle the timely issues of the day for small people... One episode comes to mind... Don't Bite Your Friends... Words to live by!

This was a candy bar & lemonade stand. I used some rummage sale finds for tablecloths and my canning jars.

Everything was colorful. The repaired deck managed to hold all forty guests while we sang Happy Birthday, accompanied by a dear friend on Autoharp. I was bought to tears as Grandma Peg played accordion for the birthday girl...
It. was such a happy day.
So many friends and family attended. Penny was my constant companion. I just had to walk past and she held her hands out to me. The feeling for me, pure love and joy. In fact that was my feeling about the whole party.
I brought out many of the throws and covers from around the house...some were worn by chilled guests, some sat on blankets on the lawn. Everywhere were friends of Kris and Doug, friends that are more like family, my brothers, their wonderful wives and children. Babies... we had a bunch. Special guests, Penny's grandparents from Pittsburg and Uncle from D.C..
The food was abundant, Dad and Uncle Lou manned the grill while everyone helped inside to get the food to the table.

Penny was a happy girl all day. She visited with everyone, but it seems she liked hanging out with me best...Oh, and I didn't mind a bit ;-).

Hope I can get my computer problem fixed so I can show you more...

The house is slowly getting back to normal. All of our guests left yesterday, and my girls...the little bird and baby bug made sure I wasn't lonely all day yesterday.

It was a lazy day for snuggles and plenty of hugs for this lonely grandma, or is it Auntie Penny...I forget.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny

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babs said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration. All the must be pooped. Thought for sure you were going to have a surprise wedding ceremony!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Can't wait to see the other pictures! Love the tent and your candy bar station, yum! She's one lucky kiddo for sure:)

Lynne said...

Love the grandpa and Little P sleepy photo. Precious!

Happy the weekend was all you hoped for . . . goes so fast doesn't it . . .