Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lilac Time

I might say this every year, but this year really is the best show ever for my lilacs.
This bush is full and lush and fragrant.
It droops from the flower's weight...

and a small breeze sets them in motion.

The white lilacs are a sturdier sort.

Proud and tall
For years I enjoyed  only one flower from this very bush.
Freed from it's overpowering companions... another lilac that blocked the dining room windows, and a
evergreen that blocked the sun, it too is full and covered in blooms.
Here's a view across the lawn...wish this show would last till next week ;-)

Even makes my "vintage garden house" (aka, my falling down shed) look all pretty!
Have have a great weekend my friends, enjoy this beautiful day!

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Melanie said...

Your lilac bushes are so pretty and I love your garden house! So cool how you have it decorated with vintage items.

Lynne said...

Beautiful Lilacs . . . And love your vintage decorated garden shed . . . makes you . . . In Style indeed!

babs said...

lilacs are truly my favorite! The smell is divine!