Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update, Hero Edition

My hero, said with a swoon.  My hard working guy went all out this weekend and did a tremendous job powerwashing our deck.  It is a very large deck, 16'x35' and also almost 20 years old. 
The guys helped replace the worst of the boards and the rest just got a good wash.  You would think that we would work very well together considering all of our years together, (and how much we love each other...)  but our work styles are very different.  He is methodical, using the power washing wand like a pencil to make each square inch spotless... I would take over every now and then and use the wand like a wide brush...making him a liittle crazy.  Then he would make me crazy rewashing the same board I thought I had just finished.  ;-)

This is what we were up against, left side before, right side after!

Here he is, resting after over ten hours of work over two days!  The deck looks great!  We are finished with the deck, yard and to keep everything watered, (though Mother Nature seems to want that job these next couple of days) and weeded till the weekend. Rest my love... He so deserves it! 

This week, a secret project, shopping and baking...then the arrival of the birthday girl herself, Sweet p.! Thanks my friends for stopping by and watching our progress. have a great week and enjoy this beautiful day!

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Debby said...

Her did a great job. My hubby freaks out when I have the hose on at all because of the well. Can't wait to see the surprise. I bet it is for Sweet P.

Melanie said...

We still need to drag out our power washer and do the house, soffits, patio, little front porch/deck and garage! So much to do when spring comes around!

Lynne said...

It looks like a new deck . . . ten hours of power washing sounds like an exhausting job.

I am smiling at the two of you having different work styles. Sounds familar to us . . . one scrutinizes, measures, calculates the job and the other goes lam blasting into getting the job done. I should have known it would be so, he uses Colgate and I prefer Crest . . .

Are you excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the birthday girl . . .