Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At the Lake

My honey's car was in the when he got it back in the late afternoon...I was ready for a ride.
Well, work kept him from leaving right there and then.  So, when the business day was through, and after we had
a great Face Time with sweet p., we were off to the Lake!

We are a half hour to 45 minutes away.  In rush hour traffic and construction on Lake Cook Road it took us an hour.  Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time!  With sunset at 7:48 we had plenty of daylight left.

That's what I call an URN!

We've been driving this route together for 39 years!

A giant new addition to the Coast Guard station, a communication tower of some sort.

And then, there she was!

And there he was...
(He still makes me swoon...)

A perfect evening.  It was not cooler near the Lake, no, it was still very warm, with a great breeze.

She is so beautiful...

I never get tired of just looking at her.

A brave soul...the water was 50 degrees.

I always dream of that sensation of being out on the Lake...

Seems like it just took one warm day and everything popped!

Flowers were everywhere.

The trees that have been bare till this week have tiny green leaves.

Our colors were flying proud with a hearty flap in the wind.

Love this view.  Some of my favorite trees are gone from the park.
Several giant cottonwoods, along with my favorite I hugged every time we visited...gone.

This is how large they were.  This one remains on the Lake side of the road. 
See my sweetheart, arms outstretched at the base?
Oh, if that tree could talk...the changes it has witnessed, the storms, the Lake
with all it's power...
Wish I could talk really, I do.

We chased the sunset home.  A perfect evening.  Thanks honey.  I love you!

Waiting for the installation of the dryer today. (Sorry for all the grumbling...)  I will not spend much time drying things today, it is too beautiful outside for that. (the giant pile of laundry will keep;-) Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Have you noticed, I have 99 followers...My newest, sweet Faye from The Blessed Hearth.  It's humbling to think anyone would want to follow my blog, and a honor to have made so many wonderful friends. Thank you, one and all!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Debby said...

You are a joy to follow. Just like having coffee with a friend. Love this post. I love being near the water without all the heat. A little heat right now is okay after all the winter. The sun shining is so nice. (((((HUGS)))

Melanie said...

Haven't been in that neck-of-the-woods by the lake in awhile; we're usually in Evanston. Glad you had time for a beautiful ride!

Lynne said...

Beautiful and loving post Penny . . .

You have been at 99 followers for a few weeks. Time to kick it over a 100 . . . I wonder who it will be . . .

If any of you out there are wondering about following . . . let me tell you . . . you won't find anyone more authentic than Penny . . .