Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Gifts

Kristen ordered these reproduction blue Ball canning jars for me.  They are so pretty, a very different color from the vintage jars I collect.  That's a good thing.  You don't want to pay vintage prices for new jars.
They mark the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Ball Brother's introduction of the Perfect Mason canning jars.  You know I am partial to the blue Ball jar,  I have been collecting for a while and have a couple of jars commemorating the bicentennial of our country that was celebrated in 1976,
the year sweetheart and I were married. (It was a messy business, people being eaten by dinosaurs during the ceremony...;-)

So these add to my collection.  Don't they look charming in their little box?
Just a note...Kris ordered them through Amazon, they are also available from Ball directly.

I had company yesterday and I received this beautiful bunch of dandelions and violets from my sweet little bird who is almost 5!  Yes, this summer!  As impossible as that is, our own sweet p. will be ONE YEAR OLD in May.

These beauties are from dear sweet Elizabeth!
 And...May is tomorrow!  Hooray, I remembered!  Last year I forgot my dear friend Jean's birthday, which is on the first.  This wonderful friend sends me a get well card if I have a cold, she is so thoughtful!  I was in a tizzy about the birth of my first grandchild... I was so distracted that I was well into the first week of May before I turned the calendar page to see what I had missed.  Not this year, I'm gonna be early.  Happy Birthday dear friend.  May all the love you show to everyone. may it come back to you a hundred fold!  While I'm at it, Happy Birthday Kath, Happy Birthday Jane...They are the best friends a girl could possibly have...Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Larry, my talented brother and Tracy my dear niece, Happy Birthday!  Then my sweet granddaughter... Plans for that celebration warrant their own post!

No dryer yet but I am getting pretty good at this old school laundry.  I was telling my son Jon this morning that I wish I had a clothes line on a pulley like we did when I was young.  The line stretched from the back porch window to the garage, and had the most appealing squeak when you pulled the line in or out.  It is probably against some ordinance in my village to have a clothesline, and really the ease of throwing in a load of towels and have them soft and dry in less than an hour is hard to beat.  I guess the nostalgia factor is what I'm looking for, oh, and the bark cloth clothespin bag Mom had...and Buscia's Polish willow laundry basket.  OK, now I just gonna cry with all the memories...

Have a great day my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Aren't those jars great? Just love them. I have very fond memories of our clothesline growing up. It's a shame no one lets you have them anymore.

Debby said...

Oh goody.....so glad you got some of the jars. Someone posted that Kroger had some. The color is different but still beautiful.
Sounds like birthday month for you. We have so many in the Spring as well. The sun is shining and it is beautiful outside today. Yeah, for Spring.

Melanie said...

So what are you going to do with all those lovely jars? I recently found another large vintage blue one with lid at Savers for $4. Not bad!

I'll bet you can have a clothesline in your back yard ~ check your village ordinances. My mom (Bloomingdale) and aunt (W. Dundee) both have clotheslines and hang out their clothes all the time. I don't have a clothesline, but I have been known to drape my cotton shirts over patio furniture, lol.

Lynne said...

I hope you survive the wait, for the new dryer hook up. I would think you could have a clothesline in your neighborhood. A pulley clothes line would be perfect. I dry my sheets outside all the time,in the winter too. Nothing like fresh air dried sheets.

Wow . . . many birthdays coming up . . . pace your this month . . .

And what magic will you plan for the blue canning jars . .