Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Come Gently Spring

I would not ask of spring's return
Be well defined; I love the way
Springtime arrives by small degrees,
How hills grow greener day by day
And buds swell on the willow tree.

One crocus bloom can set the heart
Awhirl! Oh, one could never bear
The joyfulness of a sudden start--
So come in little ways, O spring,
And thrill my being till I sing

Ethel H. Bruce

It's raining here and the air smells great.
 Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Debby said...

It is beautiful here as well. They are having a blizzard in Colorado. It was 70 there yesterday. Hope that doesn't happen here. I want to be out and about but just not up to it yet. Are you feeling better. It takes me about a week to feel okay. But I start missing them again after a couple months. Xo

Lynne said...

Beautiful Penny . . . I like a slow ease into spring, cool nights, a bit warmer each day, surprising little flower pops, slow enough to enjoy each one . . .
Love, Lynne