Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Spruce Up

Here's the faucet that hubby installed for me.  It is similar in style to the last one, but not as pretty. 
The big news is that it works!  Everyone who sees it asks, No more handle to the right side?
That's how we lived with the old faucet for way too long...it leaked unless the handle went to the cold side!
I had to make announcements at holiday gatherings to avoid a flood.

Repainted the top of my coffee table.... 
Under the paint it's the golden pine color of much of my furniture from the 80's.

This coffee table goes even further back, to the late 70's.
I built it from a kit when my kids were very young...before Mikey was born.
It has had a few re dos.  Son Jon asked me how many times I've painted it?
A few, was my answer.  I told him I would leave this table to him.   Someday, he
said, he will paint it every year in my memory!  (That is what I get around here...humor!;-)

I used the same gray I used for the dresser in the guest room.  Not sure how I'll finish this yet.
I did paint the hardware years ago, but if I were a patient type,(but am not)
it would look cool with dark hinges.

This is what my family room looks like this morning.  That is all of Jon's laundry. Forgetting that I wouldn't have a dryer until hopefully today, I threw everything in...  Including the shirt he came in wearing.  Bad decision.   He is going to have a stiff and scratchy week, but all his clothes are clean.

A rainy day is forecast for today.  I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. I hope to have a finished thing or two to show you soon.  Have a great day my friends.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Melanie said...

You have been one busy woman! I love your painted tables. I have so much furniture to paint once the weather gets a little nicer AND I'm done with my basement project. I can easily get distracted with other things...and then my basement will never get done!