Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update

After our guests left last Tuesday, the house was very quiet.  I soon got things back in order and then I crashed.  I was pooped, my legs aching and my energy spent.  And truth be told, more than a little heart broken to say goodbye, for a while, to our sweet p.  I worked on projects like sorting through my many crochet projects and yarn stash.  I read two books, baked and cooked a little, but otherwise rested.
By Saturday I felt better, still a little stiff, but anxious to get out.  Hubby was scheduled to give blood and that means he's a hero and I am at the bookstore reading magazines and using all my skills to overcome my need to own them. 

The only one of the bunch I really wanted was Mingle.  It's about hosting, and hosting is my middle name!  So many beautiful photos and great ideas, but I looked through it and put it back!
Hooray for self control. 

We were so fortunate to get a real taste of Spring on Sunday.  A little ride in the country was in order.
I heard the peepers when we drove through the woods near our home...then I knew, it really was spring.

Little shoots, like little gems poking up from the still cold earth.

A neighbors lawn, GREEN!  Ours does not look anything like this.  We don't chemically treat our lawn, and it shows.  Better safe for our little ones, and for the Earth.

Robins, the hardest working birds in show business!
Thanks for posing Mr. or Mrs.Robin!
My big score!

I see you Barb and Lynne!
 I forgot to mention, after giving blood on Saturday, we went to a sale I saw in the paper.
I found this book, and it was marked $10!  I asked, if this was a firm price...
Then the boy scout that was running the sale came over...
He was having the sale to earn money
 for his Eagle Scout project...
and was so adorable...
 I handed him the ten dollars and
wished him luck on his project.

He is building a fence in a nature center that we are familiar with.  I love a Eagle Scout and the amazing projects they work so hard to complete.

I recently read an article in our local paper, provided to me by my pal Jean who coordinates all of our service projects for our Guild.  Seems that another local Eagle Scout was inspired by a fabric teddy bear he received on an ambulance when he was a child and injured in an accident. He now provides stuffed animals to local hospitals so other children can receive the comfort he found in that small bear.  The cool thing is, our Guild is a part of the group that provided that Hug a Bear he received on the ambulance. These Hug a Bears, provided by the Illinois Telephone Retired Pioneers are on all ambulances and pumper trucks in Chicago and many of the suburban fire departments too. We have provided fabric, funds and support for ITRP for many years, in fact longer than I have been involved in Guild. Jean always tells us that we will never know how our small acts of kindness will touch some one's heart.  That small bear he received as a child actually inspired his project, and we were a small part of it.  That's so cool.

Last night we watched the movie Lincoln.  Daniel Day Lewis became Lincoln for this role.  I have no doubt that if I could go back in time and actually meet Lincoln, he would look and sound like like Mr. Lewis' performance.  I never forgot that Tommy Lee Jones was Tommy Lee Jones, but I felt I was watching the actual Mr. Lincoln.  My guys agreed.  I am always late to the party when it comes to movies.  I don't think seeing this on the big screen would have made much difference.  It was an amazing portrayal, and an excellent movie.  An on a related note, RIP Roger Ebert, Chicago treasure and all around courageous guy.

Projects, projects, projects await me this week.  April showers are keeping me inside today...hope you are getting a good start to your week.  Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Take care my friends.

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The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Penny!!! It's always so nice to visit you here and see all that you are up to...good job on the self control with the magazines! They all have gotten so expensive these days. I was looking at the photos and thought WOW, Penny really splurged!!! The book looks wonderful and what a wonderful story behind it. We never go to the movies but my husband had been looking forward to Lincoln for a long time so I splurged and took him when it came out. It was amazing!! Wishing you a wonderful Spring week ahead dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Jill said...

You found some lovely signs of spring and your book looks to be a real treasure!

babs said...

Hello Penny. Happy you are getting a little relaxation after hosting your family. I'm sure you loved every minute of being with sweet P and family.

Rain here today also but its ok....May flowers around the corner.

Have a sweet week ahead.

Lynne said...

Great post Penny. Never can be wrong to be kind . . . random, frequent, sometimes, always . . . The acts of such live on . . . are you crocheting?

Melanie said...

I see my favorite magazine - The Simple Things! That is one that I splurge on. I was wondering how your neighbor had such green and nice-looking grass...I should've figured it was chemicals. We won't use chemicals on our lawn either. I don't care if it's mostly weeds. At least we'll be healthy! Especially since we all have well water here...can you imagine all those chemicals going down into the well water and then bathing in it and drinking it?! No thanks! A neighbor has Chem Lawn come to her house and the extra-horrible thing about this is that she had lung cancer a few years ago! Crraaazy. Anyhoo...I love that vintage atlas that you got. It's beautiful! Talk to you soon.